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One sign you’re an INFP –you’re reading this.

Obviously, I was guessing. But since you’re here, it’s imaginable that you’re either an INFP or someone closely related. How can I say that?

INFP means Introverted-iNtuitive-Feeling-Prospecting. It’s one of the rarest personality types according to Myers-Briggs. People with this personality type are seekers (and are drawn to these kinds of posts). They are always curious about people, emotions, and themselves.

I, myself, is an INFP. We are existentially conscious about how our personality associates with relationships, career, and our everyday lives. However, these curiosities often lead to frustrations.

INFP is a misunderstood bunch. While most personalities express emotions outward, INFPs contemplate emotions inward. …


Margarette Mathias

Margarette Mathias works as a college instructor in the technical field. She's also a content writer who focuses on self-improvement and lifestyle topics.

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