Tips from a highly self-conscious introvert

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“I am one of the world’s most self-conscious people. I really have to struggle.” — Marilyn Monroe

“I’m not shy!” I defended.

“You only talk when you’re spoken to,” he said.

“That doesn’t mean I’m shy. I just have nothing to say.”

“If you’re not shy about it, then why can’t I talk to them?”

“Because I don’t want them to know my private life!”

This is a recent argument. My boyfriend wants to “talk” to my students after I ranted about their misconduct. He happened to be friends with some of them.

But here’s the real issue. My boyfriend and I never knew about this misunderstanding. I was surprised —shocked even — that he thought of me differently throughout our three years. …

Have you been job-hopping? You're not alone.

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I once worked in phone customer service. I was employed in a worker-friendly company. My co-workers were welcoming, however fuming customers were not. I answer a minimum of 50 calls every day trying to resolve every customer’s concern. Day by day, I grew to hate every inch of my job.

“I want to quit,” I told my team leader. She was patient with me, but I was determined to resign. She had no choice but to send me to the manager, maybe, for further encouragement.

But I told myself, “nobody can convince me to stay anymore.”

The manager welcomed me with a warm greeting. We talked. But before we part ways, he left me a surprising remark. …

One sign you’re an INFP — you’re reading this.

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One sign you’re an INFP –you’re reading this.

Obviously, I was guessing. But since you’re here, it’s imaginable that you’re either an INFP or someone closely related. How can I say that?

INFP means Introverted-iNtuitive-Feeling-Prospecting. It’s one of the rarest personality types according to Myers-Briggs. People with this personality type are seekers (and are drawn to these kinds of posts). They are always curious about people, emotions, and themselves.

I, myself, is an INFP. We are existentially conscious of how our personality associates with relationships, careers, and our everyday lives. However, these curiosities often lead to frustrations.

INFP is a misunderstood bunch. While most personalities express emotions outward, INFPs contemplate emotions inward. …

Never procrastinate on your dreams again.

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“A year from now, you will wish you started today.”

— Karen Lamb

Procrastination —essentially, it’s harmless but collectively, it’s dangerous. On many days, procrastination feels satisfying. But, as we grow older, it’s becoming a prison we can barely get out of.

I was taking my second course back then, a degree in education. We were bombarded with paperwork, reports, and daily doses of anxiety—typical for thriving education students.

I admit that I do procrastinate and start everything at the last minute. I call it time-saving. Requirements were piling up but I pride myself on my speed. I never missed a requirement. …

Will they stop you?

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“Mom, I’m going to shift courses, okay?” I said gently.

My mom removed her eyes from the television. She gave me a piercing glare— typical strict Asian moms.

I was not happy with Architecture. I’ve had this talk countless times with my mom. It feels like a punch in the gut whenever I open up the topic. She never agreed. She thought I’m on my way to destroying my life.

“NO.” Her reply unbelievably echoed.

I took a deep breath. As much as I want to convince her with reason, I realized peace talks won’t do it. It turned into an argument. We raised our voices. The argument ended like a soap opera, and I was the bullied protagonist. …

The Art of Thinking Blank

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Typical routine. I wake up with a bedhead, grab and check my phone, prepare my coffee, sit down, grab my phone once more, and scroll on all my social media accounts.

Facebook-Messenger-Twitter-LinkedIn — I’ve been circling around these accounts for 5 hours a day at a minimum. And when I get tired of it, I vow to catch impostors in my current favorite game, Among Us.

Then, finally, when the night is almost over, I question myself. Why doesn’t my plans ever fall into place? What am I doing wrong? Is this path right for me? …

Self-Improvement | Illumination

While everything becomes easy, you slowly become useless.

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“The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you, except yourself.” — Rita Mae Brown

If your uncle raises an awkward joke and your parents laugh at it, would you laugh, too? If your friend proposes a stupid stunt you two will regret, would you join? After reading clusters of articles telling how to earn $$$$ in xx months, do you jump in?

If you answered yes to any, then obviously, you’re familiar with how conformity works.

Conformity is agreeing or doing the same activity everyone does. …

A message to all procrastinators

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We say we waste time, but that is impossible.

We waste ourselves. — Alice Bloch

People have regrets in their lives. At the age of 50, they start wishing they can go back in time and redo their lives. After watching a TED Talk about procrastination, it had me thinking.

I tried to live in the shoes of the elderly people. I asked, “what if I can go back in time? What would I do?” It would be amusing to redo everything the second time around.

I was enthusiastic. “I would ace my examinations,” I thought. I let out an evil laugh. “I’ll be the Top 1 of our class.” It’s gonna be a great comeback. “I won’t get involved with my ex.” …

Mom, will I ever get your support?

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It happened when I was 13 years old. Everyone from my class knew I got an interest in acting. I write scripts for school plays. I act on major roles.

One of the most memorable school plays we did was “Miss Saigon”. Surprisingly, I was chosen to be Kim, the lead actress of the play. We’ve practiced for 4 beautiful months.

Unfortunately, I never told my mom. When she caught me attending rehearsals, I didn’t mention that I was the lead role. I was scared that she’ll pull me out.

Mom, why don’t you support me?

Whenever I mention my plans to mom, she’ll answer with a frowned look. …

Personal Development | Illumination

The struggles of having too many interests.

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“They say ‘follow your heart’, but if your heart is in a million pieces, which piece do you follow?” — Anonymous

It was in 2013 when I first recognized how interests gravely impact the course of our lives. Being a random and spontaneous person, I was clueless about where I would end up.

I was an Architecture student back then. It wasn’t even my first choice — well, I didn’t have a first choice. Nevertheless, I enrolled since I have a few backgrounds in Arts.

Two semesters later, I realized that Architecture isn’t for me. I attended classes unmotivated. I kept on looking for an escape. …


Margarette Mathias

Margarette Mathias works as a college instructor in the technical field. She's also a content writer who focuses on self-improvement and lifestyle topics.

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