11 Ways the INFP Mind Works — The World Through the Lenses of an INFP

One sign you’re an INFP — you’re reading this.

What’s in the mind of an INFP?

INFP is such an interesting personality. I believe INFPs are one of the smartest personality types along with INFJs and INTPs. One can only guess what’s in our idealistic minds.

1. INFPs dislike small talks.

Small talks are part of human interaction. It’s unavoidable. But, when someone tries to overly engage INFPs with small talk — what you ate, gossips, and championship games we know nothing about — it slowly gets infuriating.

2. INFPs are emotion readers.

I have a habit of assessing people’s emotions through their speech and body language. I’m sure all INFPs do it, too. Admit it. We’re masters of that field.

3. INFPs are overthinkers.

Did you ever catch an INFP while monologuing? My sister caught me plenty of times. It’s both funny and embarrassing.

4. INFPs are master empaths.

Even with the little circle we have, we might find people running to us for comfort and advice. When they share their lives with us, they feel that there’s no judgment — but honestly, it’s the opposite.

5. INFPs are initially mistaken as dumb.

It happens to most INFPs. Nobody realizes we’re smart until we outrank them in test scores and other performances. I only met a few INFPs in my life and they far excel in their field. They are often critical of their way of thinking.

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6. INFPs are good writers and authors.

Daydreaming, monologuing, and overthinking — that’s an INFP’s personal checklist.

7. INFPs both desire and despise attention.

Isn’t it odd? INFPs desire attention, then hate it. I, myself, love recognition when I deserve it.

8. INFPs can look engaged in a conversation but are mentally disconnected.

I have a friend who always visits me. Catching up and all. Never asked her, but I think she’s an ISFP.

9. INFPs want freedom in relationships.

Most INFPs are low maintenance partners. I mean, you don’t need to always give us gifts.

10. INFPs are not gossipers.

Anything you do, it’s none of our business. But don’t get mad when we try to make patterns from your actions. It’s an INFP thing. We find joy in reading other people.

11. INFPs are jacks-of-all-trades.

INFPs hate routine work. When we get tired of repetitive work, we tend to search for a stimulating activity that piques our interest.

My message to INFPs

INFPs are misunderstood people. Even some of our friends get confused with us. But, what makes us precious is that our hearts are always for kindness, authenticity, and passion.

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Margarette Mathias works as a college instructor in the technical field. She's also a content writer who focuses on self-improvement and lifestyle topics.

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