Will they stop you?

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“Mom, I’m going to shift courses, okay?” I said gently.

My mom removed her eyes from the television. She gave me a piercing glare— typical strict Asian moms.

I was not happy with Architecture. I’ve had this talk countless times with my mom. It feels like a punch in the…

Life is flowing, flow with the right people

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“Books, like friends, should be few and well-chosen.” — Samuel Johnson

I have 4 close friends that I can pour my hearts out to. It isn’t uncommon that many people desire such friendships — having a few, but definitely real. …

Tips from a highly self-conscious introvert

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“I am one of the world’s most self-conscious people. I really have to struggle.” — Marilyn Monroe

“I’m not shy!” I defended.

“You only talk when you’re spoken to,” he said.

“That doesn’t mean I’m shy. I just have nothing to say.”

“If you’re not shy about it, then why…

Don’t worry, you are on your perfect timeline

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“Compare yourself to no one, but yourself.” — Anonymous

You think some of your friends are ahead of you, but they’re not. It’s their time to get accepted at work, it’s your time to pursue what you’re passionate about.

You are on your perfect timeline, they are on theirs.


’Cause we all started as a noob, right?

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“It takes a lot of bad writing to get to a little good writing.” — Truman Capote

We all started writing because “we’re passionate” about it. Like, aah! I’m on fire! Then we feel the strong itch to write everything out.

In my case, I started with pen and paper…

We tell them what to do next

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Sun Tzu’s Art of War, published in 5th Century BC, contains wisdom that stands true today.

Egyptian hieroglyphs show a glimpse of the earliest rulers and society.

The Bible which was published nearly 1,000 years BC is still passed today.

And the reason why we still have this knowledge from…

You’re not as kind as you thought you are

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So, you think you’re kind. I believe you.

But what if I tell you, you’re a self-centered simpleton, too, without you’re knowing?

Self-centered people we know appear arrogant, selfish, and conceited. They allow their own ideas and interest to govern their choices. Their selves are the top priority.

Although you…

Finally, I’m done with the quarter-life crisis

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

My early 20s were a rollercoaster ride. Entering adult life is both a shock and a collection of disappointments. But now, before I turn 25, I feel all my previous experiences were coming into place. …

Margarette Mathias

A daydreamer who loves cats, coffee, and life talks. Support me and my works at ko-fi.com/margarettemathias

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