Life is flowing, flow with the right people

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I have 4 close friends that I can pour my hearts out to. It isn’t uncommon that many people desire such friendships — having a few, but definitely real. But while Samuel Johnson is right on the dot with his quote, I’d also concur with what Humphry Davy said.

He says, “The ideal life is that which has few friends, but many acquaintances.”

And I can’t agree more. It’s on us who we permit to join our gang. We evaluate who our real friends are. …

And become the person your partner loves going home to

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How do you identify yourself in a relationship? Are you an asset or a liability?

We dwell on this idea when we’re in search of a partner. We evaluate people like a company searching for a new hire. We have “qualifications” and applicants should fit the role. Just like in a relationship, they must leave a good impression before we even date them. They must have assets.

However, relationships are complex. First, you like the person. The next thing happens, love dies down and you break up. Game over — just like that.

Then, you start questioning, “why did it…

Tips from a highly self-conscious introvert

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“I’m not shy!” I defended.

“You only talk when you’re spoken to,” he said.

“That doesn’t mean I’m shy. I just have nothing to say.”

“If you’re not shy about it, then why can’t I talk to them?”

“Because I don’t want them to know my private life!”

This is a recent argument. My boyfriend wants to “talk” to my students after I ranted about their misconduct. He happened to be friends with some of them.

But here’s the real issue. My boyfriend…

Never procrastinate on your dreams again.

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Procrastination —essentially, it’s harmless but collectively, it’s dangerous. On many days, procrastination feels satisfying. But, as we grow older, it’s becoming a prison we can barely get out of.

I was taking my second course back then, a degree in education. We were bombarded with paperwork, reports, and daily doses of anxiety—typical for thriving education students.

I admit that I do procrastinate and start everything at the last minute. I call it time-saving. Requirements were piling up but I pride myself on my speed. I never missed…

But give them enough time to think

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We know who the smart ones are — those who throw up their hands to respond to every teacher’s question. The ones who always have an explanation. The good communicators of the group.


It’s the norm before and it hasn’t changed today. I’m still left in awe with people who can immediately respond to a question. They’re smart!

Now, take a quick turn.

Then, there are people like me. Hi! The ones who can’t form a concrete oral speech to answer a simple teacher question. …

Funny thing, they intentionally ignore you

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Ever felt a connection to someone who never spoke a word to you? Like the co-worker who seems aloof with you, yet you sense something more? Or a classmate who’s distant but you catch him gazing at you?

You sense that there’s something going on — a connection — yet there’s also nothing. You can only ask yourself, “what was that?”

But actually, when you sense something’s off, you’re less likely wrong about it. Trust your guts. People send off a quite recognizable, yet mysterious vibe that’s only specific to you. More often than not, it means something.

Here’s a…

I don’t want to prolong my grief

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Last May 12, 2021, I lost my partner. I never realized that along with the many people who died in this Pandemic, my boyfriend would be one of them. It’s been a tough month and here’s much of what I did to heal myself little by little.

It’s sad when you’re alone. You have to talk to people.

However, talking to people like you didn’t lose a loved one will hurt, too. Set a good balance.

If you think about your loss, it will get extra lonely. Instead, think about how he lived his life happily.

Never do a what-if…

“I would get it because I attracted it.” — like, really?

Image by the author, Margarette Mathias

Law of Attraction lines was previously on a high-rise and has hurt my eyes for a while. This isn’t a new topic but it just trended all over my newsfeed. My Facebook friends started sharing motivational posts that intend to haul themselves up. Scripts such as:

“One day, I will have my own XXX…”

“Soon, people will see me succeed…”

“Law of Attraction — Someday, I will become a licensed ZZZ!”

Yes, these are encouraging remarks and I’m nowhere against them.

However, the sudden burst of the “Law of Attraction” social trend has become rowdy and irritating. Not because it’s…

Can companies kill creativity? Absolutely yes

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I easily take interest in anything. I get interested in a book, a famous person’s life, acting, playing drums — you name it.

While having a lot of interest in high school makes you prominent, being undecided as an adult is utterly depressing. It makes you wonder where in the hell did everything go wrong — from a prominent child to becoming a disappointment — like, why did I downgrade in life?

I’ve always been fond of initiating new ideas before. I jump from one interest to another. However, as we grow old, the love for initiating things becomes blurry…

Dear writers, it’s part of the job!

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Rejection is part and parcel of the path that every author has to deal with. No one is exempt from it.

J.K. Rowling, remember?

Some might think that those who wrote literary masterpieces took the rosy road to best-seller stardom. But that is not the case for best-selling author J. K. Rowling.

You may not believe it but before she found her way to Harry Potter fame, she received a lot of criticisms and rejection before her famous book series got noticed.

Some rejections were only just a slip of paper without even having a chance to speak with the editor face to…

Margarette Mathias

Content writer, College instructor, The Mathias Corner author, and a blogger who loves cats and coffee

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