Making Him Head over Heels with You While Barely Doing Nothing

A simple but effective guide to making him fall for you while you barely do nothing.

Ahh, love.

Love is indeed beautiful–especially when it’s budding. It’s satisfying, however, the search for true love seems unending. You have probably been ghosted or cheated on and it’s such a waste of time and effort.

Truly, there is much fish in the sea, however, you’re not sure which type comes to you — would it be a clownfish, butterflyfish, or is it another gnarling shark?

If you are searching for a serious relationship, I might be able to help. I’m gonna share a method with you. A method I was unconsciously doing when I was also in search of love.

It’s dramatically effective to the point that it turned problematic. The problem persisted because I used it with multiple guys. Again, I was unconscious of the patterns before. But, now I organized a step-by-step process of how I did it to help you with your love life.

Warning: It’s taxing to have guys simultaneously pursue you. Deciding who to pick is even harder, so don’t use this casually to every man.

So what’s the “trick”?

Men love the chase.

Serious men love it. They are up for these kinds of challenges.

To make this method work, be someone who’s worth chasing. You might say, “Hey, I’m not an It girl.” Well, you don’t have to be ridiculously showing skin or seducing to be liked. Believe me, I never wore short shorts or sleeveless clothes outside. I didn’t even wear makeup. But it worked.

So, how do you become “chase-able”? How do you make someone head over heels with you by barely doing nothing? Actually, there’s work involved. You “doing nothing” is from the guy’s perspective. It’s easy but takes a little time. Here we go.

Step #1 Do something with the appearance.

First thing’s first. You gotta work something about your appearance. It’s your front line. The secret to radiating beauty is when you‘re confident about it. Wear a dress or jeans. Wear glamming makeup. Or a comfortable hoodie that you think looks good on you.

Photo by Els Fattah on Unsplash

But best of all, wear some confidence. You can really see the difference in the vibrance of a confident person and someone who’s not.

Step #2 Wear a gorgeous smile especially when he’s around.

Wear an attractive smile especially when he’s around. But, don’t overdo it. Keep it “natural”.

Do not directly smile at him (don’t be flirty). Act like he’s invisible, but make sure he’s seeing your vibrant face. Smile a little cuter or act a little bubblier. Make him notice that you’re a happy and joyful person.

Photo by Ahmad Hidayat on Unsplash

Use your girl instincts to know if he’s watching or not. It’d be easy.

When I was in college, I was always surrounded by my male classmates — no big deal because I’m basically the only girl from the class and they’re my friends.

I don’t usually initiate conversations with them, but when I do, it’s when “the guy” is looking. I try to impress him with my bubbly attitude. I was always happy — but so much extra when he’s around. It definitely works if you keep it natural.

Step #3 Keep a huge gap.

Keep the interactions low. Be bubbly around other friends (most preferably with guys), but to him, purposely minimize it. Giving out a shy smile is sufficient.

Remember when you see someone at the corner of your eye? Use that superpower to know whether he’s looking at you or not.

If he is, and you’re alone, it’s time to show a quiet-pretty-face while acting like you don’t notice him at all. Make yourself busy, do something, and do it beautifully. This is probably his time to contemplate your undeniable gorgeousness.

Step #4 Be engaging when he tries to reach you through texts, chats, calls, etc.

If you’ve done Step 1–3 flawlessly, then you’ll pique his interest. He’ll try to reach you out.

The most common way is through texts or calls.

When he does, be eagerly responsive. Unleash the fun person within you. Reply to his texts. Lead the conversation to funny, deep, or unusual topics. Keep the conversation friendly. Make him comfortable talking to you.

Photo by DISRUPTIVO on Unsplash

You can be a little flirty but please keep it at a minimum. We don’t want him thinking you’re easy. Minimize flirts but be as engaging as possible. This could make or break the situation.

I remembered having “cheesy” lines competition before with my now boyfriend. It’s kinda flirty, but we administer points to every good line, so it was basically a “contest”. We joked about it a lot, but we know that’s the limit.

Step #5 Reply to his texts but keep the gap during personal interactions.

When you see each other around, whether at school or at work, keep the gap. Make him wonder why you’re so friendly in texts but quite aloof in person.

Still, be bubbly around your friends while making him an exemption. He’ll obviously wonder — or get jealous — why in the world aren’t you giving him the attention?

Why keep the gap? If you become easily close after the virtual interaction — texting, and chatting — the chase might end soon. He might think you’re being nice and end up as friends. We wouldn’t want that. So, try to put a little more gap. Make him wonder why you’re enjoying other people’s company, but acts distantly with him.

Step #6 He’ll eventually ask you, so explain your side.

If you don’t engage with him personally, he’ll try to communicate through text, chat, or call. It’s the only chance he can talk to you. When he does, explain your side. Maybe, tell him that you feel shy around him — or something related.

Photo by Hello Revival on Unsplash

This one’s fun. When he hears you’re explanation, it‘s like a bulb being lit in his mind. Glitters. Saying you’re shy around him — it’s close to confessing, but it really isn’t. With all the triggered excitement, he’ll try to engage more. Having this secret “friendship” turns appealing to him.

Step #7 Turn down his invitations.

By this point, he’s probably asking for alone time with you –movies, dates, lunch together. While he’s all high to be with you, subtly turn the invitations down. Say you’re busy. Say you have other agendas for the day. Turn it down, but be subtle. Use valid excuses.

Keep his hopes up because you’ll eventually accept one of his invitations. For now, don’t go with him until there’s a reason where you inevitably need to be together.

There was a time that I joked about wanting a cup of coffee. It was just a text. The guy eventually invited me for a coffee break. The sad part, he bought me coffee and waited for me to come.

But, I didn’t agree to it, did I? I sincerely apologized for the misunderstanding and subtly turned him down, telling him that I have to finish my paperwork.

I didn’t give in to his invitations. But he continues to ask me even after that. We’re knowing how committed they are along the way.

Step # 8 Wait for a special occasion.

Yes, turn down his invitations for dates. Don’t agree with set dates. Netflix and chill? If you want him to be head over heels with you, Netflix isn’t even an option. Why? Promised dates are kind of less romantic. At least, for me.

Special events where you unexpectedly joined together are like milestones. When you get together in a significant event, it’ll bring more impact. It’s something he won’t forget.

There was a guy whom I had a crush on. Of course, he doesn’t know. But we interacted multiple times because we’re both car show organizers at the university. Along with the event preparations was him giving out signs that he likes me, too. He took stolen shots of me and I accidentally saw my face plastered as his laptop screensaver. In this case, the car show was a special event that pushed us to be together.

There was also another guy whom I always turned down his invitations. But when his aunt died, I was eager to meet him. I also attended his aunt’s funeral. For us, that’s the special event that drew us closer. We talked more and had time to know about each other.

Step # 9 Continue to keep in touch.

Keep in touch after you accompany him to events, but still, keep it at a minimum. Keep him asking for more. Don’t initiate. Keep him on the move. I assure you that he’ll value every moment with you because he doesn’t get it very often.

Step #10 He’ll start going out of his way to be with you.

When he does this, then he has completely fallen for you.

One of my suitors actually faked excuses just to get off work and see me. I know this isn’t a good idea, but that’s what he did to cope with my schedule. It’s a once in a blue moon chance that I accepted his invitation. He was certainly head over heels with me to even choose a date rather than his work.

Now, it’s for you to evaluate if he lived to your expectations. Decide whether you want to continue or not.

But, if you don’t think he’s worth the time, better stop communicating with him as early as Step 4! We’re searching for partners, not playing on someone’s heart.


Women should be pursued, not the other way around. Men prefer women whom they worked hard to get, not an easy girl they can hookup anytime. Easy come, easy go, remember?

This is a test of patience. If the guy gives up in the middle of the chase, girl, he doesn’t deserve you. This method also reduces the tendency of attracting playboys. In this method, you only attract serious ones!

That’s how you make a man head over heels with you. Make him think that he’s doing the work, but you’re actually playing the card.

Margarette Mathias works as a college instructor in the technical field. She's also a content writer who focuses on self-improvement and lifestyle topics.

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